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Volume Buyers

If you are looking for customizable products in bulk, we offer some of the best merchandise ranging from flags to cheer gear. We provide special pricing for volume buyers who purchase large quantity of goods from us.


Pricing is available on most of our products but not all of them have prices mentioned. You can simply browse through our online store and order from the specified order quantities and pay the mentioned price to procure the goods. The volume buyers who wish to order above the designated quantities can request a custom quote and avail higher discounts. When you make a small order, the setup cost of the goods ordered can quickly add up and form a considerable chunk of the total price. When the order is big enough, the designing and setup cost is divided and hence, does not form a prominent part of the overall payment.

Advantages of Ordering from Us

There are many tangible and intangible benefits that you gain while working with us:

  1. Our creative collateral management provides you security against the possibility of payment defaults and offers complete peace of mind to our buyers.
  2. We have a dedicated account management team, which is well-trained to handle an order of any magnitude. Once you order from us, you can stay assured about the account management aspect of the trade.
  3. Although our prices are loosely based on a pricing chart, we can still provide additional discounts to our customers based on the volume of the order.
  4. If you have a problem, then we have a solution. Our creative support is accomplished in solving the most complicated of issues in least amount of time.

For making a large order, please contact Tallman.Promo directly or fill out the form with your request and we will get back to you regarding your order ASAP.
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Quote Request Form

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