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Product Care

Product Care


Your TALLMAN.PROMO Products represent your brand and image.  Therefore it is important to use proper product care methods to make sure you get the longest lifespan possible and the best results out of your products.  In addition flags, banners, and signs that are outside are susceptible to weather conditions, however, product care can ensure they don’t get battered, dirty, or faded.  Proper product care can be done by cleaning and monitoring your event products.  As a result, the products will have a longer lifespan and maintains a unique design and style.


Things to consider regarding product care for your products.

  1. Fabric products and banners can be washed to keep them clean.  Make sure to check the washing instructions and dry thoroughly before you put the product away.
  2. The weather can play a significant role in your products.  You should consider bringing products in or taking them down if there are severe winds or storms.
  3. The lifespan of your fabric products or vinyl is said to be approximately 2 years.  It is directly rated to your level of care and the amount of flying time your flag or banner does.
  4. When placing the flag or display make sure it has room to fly or be moved around so that it is not crashing into other objects or people.
  5. Make sure you properly secure the products to make sure it is not moving abruptly or in ways that may cause it to fall over.

Proper use and product care can significantly increase their lifespan and save you money.  It is worth considering getting extra flags, banners, or signs so that you can rotate which are being used.   This gives you the opportunity to clean or care for others.  Additionally, this allows you to set up multiple locations at once if needed garnering more attention for your business.

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