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If you are looking to stand out in the advertising and promotional crowd, custom inflatable balloons are the choice for you! TallMan.Promo has proudly produced custom inflatable balloons for a variety of purposes to many satisfied clients. Our inflatable replicas catch the eye, relay a message, and help your business, organization, product or special event get the attention it deserves! Match your ideas with our expertise to find the right inflatable for you.

Our products range from small point-of-sale inflatable, inflatable tents to giant rooftop inflatables that are more than 100 ft. tall. We have extensive experience working with clients from design phase to completion to find the exact size and shape of finished products to bring your message home. We have produced hot air balloon style inflatables, animals, musical-themed inflatables, archways, custom-made tents – nearly every size and shape is possible.

  • Giant Inflatable Replicas
  • Inflatable Arches & Tunnels
  • PVC Inflatables
  • Spheres & Blimps
  • Dancing Inflatables

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