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Are you ready to score big with custom sports jerseys for your sports team? Look no further than TallMan.Promo! We understand that every sport is unique and deserves its own personalized touch. From baseball to soccer, basketball to hockey, we've got you covered.

When it comes to purchasing custom sports jerseys for teams, options are key. At TallMan.Promo, we specialize in providing a wide range of choices for every sport. We embroider team logos, names, and sponsors in-house, here in Stratford, Ontario. Our goal is to ensure that your team looks and feels like champions, both on and off the field.


Let's start with baseball. Choose from a variety of materials, including breathable fabrics to keep your team cool during those intense games under the sun. With the ability to fully customize each jersey with your team colors, logo, and player names, the possibilities are endless.


Moving on to soccer, known as the beautiful game, we offer jerseys that are designed to reflect the style and grace of the sport. Our soccer jerseys are made with high-performance materials that allow for maximum agility and breathability. Choose from different neck styles, sleeve lengths, and even add unique patterns or designs to your jerseys to make them truly stand out on the field.


Basketball enthusiasts, get ready to hit the court in style. Our basketball jerseys are designed to optimize mobility and comfort with innovative fabric technologies. Show off your team spirit by customizing your jerseys with bold colors, numbers, and names. Score big points both in style and performance with our top-quality basketball jerseys.


Finally, let's talk about hockey. Known for its physicality and speed, our hockey jerseys are built to withstand any game. We offer durable, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep players dry and focused on the ice. With modern sublimated patterns, our jerseys will make a strong statement both on and off the rink.

No matter the sport, TallMan.Promo is committed to providing you with top-quality custom sports jerseys that embody your team's spirit and style. Not only do we offer a wide range of options, but we also provide personalized assistance to ensure that your jerseys are designed to perfection. Our team of experts will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

So, whether you're gearing up for a championship game or simply want to showcase your team pride, trust TallMan.Promo to deliver exceptional custom sports jerseys that will make you the envy of your competitors. With our superior quality, limitless customization options, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we're here to make your team's jersey dreams a reality. Get ready to step onto the field, court, or ice with confidence and style!

Check out some photos from teams that we have worked with along the way!

Want to customize your own jersey? Check out our Sportswear page for more information.

With the new year upon us, so many people are setting New Year Resolutions for themselves. Many of these resolutions involve fitness goals, and here at TallMan.Promo we want to help you keep your 2024 resolutions! We have many fitness products to offer, here is a list of our top 10 fitness products that will make 2024 your best year yet.

1. Our Nerve Supply Gift Set

Start your 2024 fitness goals off right by gifting the perfect fitness gift set! The Nerve Supply Gift Set includes a Treble strength resistance band set and a Cross-Trainer max large shaker bottle.

2. Our Custom Sublimated Baseball Jersey

Start 2024 with fresh stylish and professional baseball jerseys, completely customizable for your team.

3. Our Custom Sublimated Basketball Jersey

These custom sublimated basketball jerseys are the futuristic team uniform choice, featuring true all-over printing, and perfect for any 2024 fitness goals!

4. Our Custom Sublimated Soccer Jersey

Stand out from the crowd in 2024 by designing your own jersey from scratch for complete creativity.

5. Our Baseball T-Shirt

These ultra soft baseball t-shirts are perfect for 2024!

6. Our Wicking T-Shirts

These performance shirts are perfect for whatever your fitness goals are! Also available in womens and youth sizes.

7. Our Long Sleeve Wicking T- Shirts

Start 2024 in style with these long sleeve wicking t-shirts for any and all fitness goals. Also available in youth sizing!

8. Our VarCity Sack Pack

The ATC™ VarCity Sack Pack is the perfect team sack pack in 2024!

9. Our 20 oz Cross-Trainer Max Large Shaker Bottle

No matter what your fitness goals are, this shaker bottle is perfect for you! It includes a plastic shaker ball that helps blend your contents to a smooth consistency, with the shaker ball matching the lid colour.

10. Our Bench Presser Tritan™ Water Bottle

This water bottle is  imprinted with your logo, promoting your brand wherever it's used!

TallMan.Promo is a proud sponsor of our local race team featuring driver #92 Kyle Neumeister, TallMan.Promo’s racing division!

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared commitment to excellence. TallMan.Promo, known for its innovative promotional products and dedication to customer satisfaction, saw an opportunity to extend its support to a local racing team aiming to make waves in the competitive motorsports scene. By aligning with the team's goals and values, TallMan.Promo solidified its position as a champion of community engagement and grassroots initiatives.

For the race team, the partnership with TallMan.Promo represents more than just financial support. It signifies validation and recognition for their hard work and determination. Securing sponsorship in the fiercely competitive world of motorsports can be a challenging feat, but with TallMan.Promo's backing, the team gained a valuable ally who believes in their potential and shares their vision for success.

Beyond the racetrack, the partnership opens doors to new opportunities and avenues for growth. TallMan.Promo's extensive network and marketing expertise provide the team with access to resources and exposure they might not have had otherwise. From promotional campaigns to social media outreach, the collaboration amplifies the team's presence, attracting fans, supporters, and potential sponsors alike.

If you are interested in supporting Kyle on his racing journey, shirts, hats, jackets, and racing flags are available for purchase.

Check out TallMan.Promo Racing at Grand Bend Speedway!