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Using a proper file for your artwork and design is crucial to getting great result. For all of our projects we require files to be sent in an .ai or .eps file as artwork requirements.   These files allow the team at TALLMAN.PROMO to scale the design without losing any quality.  Without a working file the design or image will appear stretched or compressed, and in some situations is actually not possible to be produced.  If your digital art file is very large due to multiple layers, etc. please rasterize the file and flatten transparencies before sending it to us.

Vector Files

A vector file is the creation of a digital image that uses commands to place lines and shapes in a 2D or 3D image which enables it to be rescaled. A vector file in ai or eps format allows you to edit or make changes to the image itself.

Why Should I have my Logo in Vector Format?

What if I Have a Logo but it is Not Vector?

No problem, if you have a logo but it is not in a vector file not to worry we can have one made for you.  The process may take 1-2 days and has a range in cost depending on the complexity and colours of your logo.

Graphics and Photos

Graphics and images used in a digital format for websites and social media purposes are only required to have a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch), whereas for printing purposes, a resolution of 300 dpi is required, although depending on the required reproduction size, we can sometimes work with images as low as 150 dpi.  Without these specific artwork requirements the graphic or photo may look distorted.

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